Neil deGrasse Tyson Speaks

“The most dangerous people in a free society are those who don’t know… It’s okay to not know. But if you don’t know, but think you do know… That is dangerous. Those are the signs of the end of an informed democracy.”

“It has become a pastime to blame politicians for the ills of the world… If you have an issue with politicians, it’s because you have an issue with your fellow citizens who put them there.”

“Not that anybody ever asked but every adult human radiates about 100 watts in the infrared. Beyonce radiates about 500 watts, is my guess. But to be certain I’d have to run a special calculation just for her…for science.”

“There are 2 kinds of people in the world — those who divide everybody into 2 kinds of people & those who don’t.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson (/ˈniːəl dəˈɡræs ˈtaɪsən/; born October 5, 1958) is an American astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, and science communicator. Since 1996, he has been the Frederick P. Rose Director of the Hayden Planetarium at the Rose Center for Earth and Space in New York City. The center is part of the American Museum of Natural History, where Tyson founded the Department of Astrophysics in 1997 and has been a research associate in the department since 2003