More Sawn-Off Tales – David Gaffney

The Fiction Stroker

The trend of flash fiction has taken off in recent times. Manchester is fertile ground for flash-fiction writers with nights and groups spread all across the city. Indeed, David Gaffney will be a familiar name to many on the scene. 2006’s Sawn-Off Tales was his first collection of stories, and gave us tales exactly 150 words long. His latest collection More Sawn-Off Tales reprises this format collecting another 69 bizarre, kooky and downright weird snapshots of everyday life.

Reading these stories, it does feel like you are trapped inside Gaffney’s head. And it is a very strange place to inhabit if the stories contained within More Sawn-Off Tales are anything to go by. Serial killers, a man with a penis so large a theatre company has to turn him on and numerous shattered relationships all appear in this addictively bizarre collection.

There are some terrifyingly mundane descriptions of horror. The…

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